Human-Robot Interface Controller Usability for Mission Planning on the Move

Report No. ARL-TR-6256
Authors: Christopher Stachowiak; Ellen Haas; Theo Feng; Krishna Pillalamarri
Date/Pages: November 2012; 38 pages
Abstract: Effective operator control interfaces for unmanned air and ground vehicles (UAVs, UGVs) are essential in both the mission planning phase and any intervention phase. A complicating element of operator control is that it is not always performed while the vehicle is still or idle; it may occur while the operator is in a moving vehicle on cross-country or relatively undeveloped (e.g., gravel road) terrain. The primary objective of this study was to determine the usability of three different computer game control devices—trackball, joystick, and game pad—for U.S. Army human-robotic interface tasks performed in a moving Army vehicle. The second objective was to determine the extent to which vehicle operation in different conditions (baseline engine idle, gravel roads, and cross-country terrain) affects the usability of the different controllers.
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