Efficacy of Two Novel Anodic Coatings for Enhanced Corrosion Protection of Aluminum Armor Alloys

Report No. ARL-TR-6796
Authors: John V. Kelley; Elizabeth A. Charleton; Steven M. Kilczewski; Paul Huang
Date/Pages: January 2014; 28 pages
Abstract: The purpose of this effort is to assess the efficacy of novel anodic coatings for military applications. The intent is to explore alternatives to hexavalent chromium pretreatments and sealing methods for anodizing. For this work, various sized Al A2024-T351 and Al A5083 substrates were subjected to the proprietary anodic coating process. The two coatings were designated "silicon" (Si)and "silver" (Ag) by the manufacturer. Each coating type was supplied to the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in a range of thicknesses. The corrosion performance was characterized using electrochemical techniques, and ASTM B 117 salt fog exposure. The adhesion of an organic coating was determined using pull-off adhesion. All variations of the coatings provided some barrier protection, at least initially, and provided a good adhesive surface sufficient for military coatings.
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