New Laboratory-Scale Method for the Determination of Explosive Performance From Laser-Induced Shock Waves

Report No. ARL-TR-6844
Authors: Jennifer L. Gottfried
Date/Pages: March 2014; 64 pages
Abstract: A new laboratory-scale method for predicting explosive performance (e.g., detonation velocity and pressure) based on milligram quantities of material is currently being developed. This technique is based on schlieren imaging of the shock wave generated in air by the formation of a laser-induced plasma on the surface of an energetic material residue. Various conventional energetic materials, including RDX, TNT, HMX, PETN, HNS, TATB, CL-20, composition-B, composition-A5, and Pentolite, have been tested. Preliminary results show a linear correlation between the laser-induced shock velocity and the measured performance from full-scale detonation testing. This method is a potential screening tool for the development of new energetic materials and formulations prior to larger-scale detonative testing.
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