Punch Response of Gels at Different Loading Rates

Report No. ARL-TR-6882
Authors: Mark Foster; Paul Moy; Joseph Lenhart; Randy Mrozek; Tusit Weerasooriya
Date/Pages: March 2014; 26 pages
Abstract: A novel punch test was developed to screen possible candidates for biological tissue surrogates. Materials included 10% and 20% ballistic gelatin, the commercially marketed Perma-Gel, triblock copolymer gels, and silicone-based polymer gels. These gelatin materials are being investigated for uses in biomedical applications, injury characterization, and body armor verification experiments. The limitations of ballistic gelatins have deemed them as unusable for many of these applications because of the gelatin's lack of toughness, short shelf and functional lifetimes, and temperature sensitivity. To determine which materials offer the most promise from the multitude of synthetic gelatin solutions, the punch test was developed as a screening method. Results are then compared to a previous study on tensile fracture of gel materials for test validation.
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