X-Wray Stats and Performance EXplorer

Report No. ARL-TR-6895
Authors: Justin Wray; Carlos Mateo; Travis Parker; Ralph Ritchey; Sidney Smith
Date/Pages: April 2014; 22 pages
Abstract: The X-Wray Stats and Performance EXplorer (X-Wray SPEX) is a test bed that allows intrusion detection tools to be rapidly tested, analyzed, and compared. The test bed itself consists of a small cluster employing the open grid engine to allow the automation of the testing process. Performance information (i.e., elapsed time, central processing unit load, memory usage, input/output [I/O] used, I/O wait, maximum virtual memory) is collected. In addition, X-Wray SPEX allows for large datasets to be thoroughly and quickly tagged by human analysts. The tool's output is compared to the human-based tagging to provide information about false positive and false negative detection rates. This report describes the test bed architecture and the tagging process and format, gives examples of the output format, and provides the results of the gage repeatability and reproducibility study conducted to validate the measurement capability of the test bed.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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Last Update / Reviewed: April 1, 2014