A Human-Centered Command and Control (C2) Assessment of an Experimental Campaign Planning Tool

Report No. ARL-TR-6900
Authors: Jeffrey T. Hansberger; Craig Schreiber
Date/Pages: April 2014; 38 pages
Abstract: The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) and the Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) developed a suite of decision support tools to enhance the capability of commanders and staffs to plan and execute effects-based campaigns. The complex environments in which commanders and staffs must operate brings in other elements besides military issues — such as political, economic, social, information, and infrastructure (PMESII). In order to better assess, understand, and explore the relevant and important issues across these operational dimensions, DARPA and JFCOM have developed the Conflict Modeling, Planning, and Outcomes Experimentation (COMPOEX) program tool suite to support the commander and staffs (Corpac, P. S.; Frisbie, K.; Saur, J.; Gingrich, J. R. Integrated Battle Command Experimentation: Evaluating Transformational Concepts and Cutting Edge Technology in an Operational Environment. Command & Control Research & Technology Symposium; CCRTS: San Diego CA, 2006). Across the development of this tool suite, multiple limited objective experiments (LOEs) were conducted to test and assess the progress and effectiveness of one or more of the tools. This report describes the LOE addressing the Campaign Planning Tool-Light (CPT-L) and its results.
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