Active Metamaterial Based Terahertz Polarimeter for Spectroscopic Detection of Chemical and Biological Hazards

Report No. ARL-TR-6913
Authors: Grace D. Metcalfe, Michael Wraback, Richard D. Averitt, and Xin Zhang
Date/Pages: April 2014; 24 pages
Abstract: Polarimetry is the analysis of the polarization state of radiation following interaction with a sample. It has distinct advantages in comparison to techniques that solely measure changes in amplitude. There has been virtually no polarimetry work at terahertz (THz) frequencies because, until recently, it has been difficult to create components to control the polarization and the amplitude of THz radiation at modulation rates sufficient for potential high-sensitive applications. Our project attempted to develop the essential components such that THz polarimetry may enhance the ability to study previously unexploited spectral responses in the THz frequency range of molecules to allow for identification of chemical or biological threat analytes.
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