Guidance and Control of a Man-Portable Precision Munition Concept

Report No. ARL-TR-6966
Authors: Frank Fresconi; Jon Rogers
Date/Pages: June 2014; 40 pages
Abstract: The hypothesis of this report is that delivery accuracy of small-diameter spin-stabilized projectiles can be improved through novel guidance and control techniques using low-cost components. A gyroscopically stable projectile equipped with a strap-down detector and rotary actuation assembly is introduced. Flight models are formulated to enable nonlinear simulation. The unique guidance challenges posed by characteristics of spin-stabilized flight dynamics such as limit cycles, center-of-gravity swerve, instability, and practical feedback are illustrated. New guidance and control techniques to circumvent these difficulties are proposed. Modeling, parameter estimation, and stability analysis results underpin control design. Representative feedback, control commands, and flight behaviors from nonlinear simulations demonstrate the efficacy of this guidance approach. Monte Carlo analysis shows more than a factor of two in accuracy improvement of the guided over the ballistic flight. These results indicate that delivery system improvements are achievable in small, gyroscopically stable projectiles containing low-cost guidance elements using integrated control formulations.
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