Unsteady Aerodynamic Simulations of a Finned Projectile at a Supersonic Speed With Jet Interaction

Report No. ARL-TR-6960
Authors: Jubaraj Sahu; Frank Fresconi; Karen R. Heavey
Date/Pages: June 2014; 52 pages
Abstract: This report describes a computational study to understand the unsteady free-flight aerodynamics and flight dynamics of a finned projectile with jet control. Numerical simulations have been performed for this projectile with jet maneuver using an advanced coupled computational fluid dynamics (CFD)/rigid body dynamics (RBD) technique. The coupled CFD/RBD method allows time-accurate virtual fly-out simulations of projectiles and simultaneously predicts the aerodynamics and the flight dynamics in an integrated manner. The control is provided by a transient pulsed jet that is activated only once in the beginning for a fixed duration and then turned off for the remaining trajectory computation. Computed results show the actual time-dependent response of the flight vehicle and the resulting unsteady aerodynamics and flight dynamics with jet control for a variety of conditions.
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