New Micro-Method for Prediction of Vapor Pressure of Energetic Materials

Report No. ARL-TR-6887
Authors: Rose A. Pesce-Rodriguez and Elizabeth Klier
Date/Pages: July 2014; 26 pages
Abstract: A new indirect method for estimating vapor pressures of organic materials, including energetic materials, has been developed. The method provides an estimate that appears to be good to within an order of magnitude. The method relies on the availability of reliable experimental vapor pressure measurements at the temperature of interest. These vapor pressure values are correlated against corresponding thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) weight-loss onset temperatures to yield a line whose slope and intercept may be used to calculate the vapor pressure of an organic material. While less accurate than direct methods to determine vapor pressure, the new predictor is useful for quickly obtaining estimates for new compounds that might be available in only milligram quantities. Since the method can be used to predict vapor pressure at elevated temperatures, it is useful for predicting behavior of energetic materials to be subjected to vacuum stability testing. The method has been applied to approximately 30 energetic high-nitrogen compounds whose vapor pressures have not previously been reported.
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