Comparison of Anisotropic versus Isotropic Metamaterials in Low Profile UHF Antenna Design

Report No. ARL-TR-7012
Authors: Gregory A. Mitchell
Date/Pages: August 2014; 38 pages
Abstract: This report compares the use of anisotropic material versus isotropic material in a partially loaded cavity-backed antenna. Both magnetic and dielectric materials are studied, and a full case study is performed highlighting the different effects produced by varying the individual anisotropic tensor elements. The final result of the study is a design for a low profile (0.055λ) cavity backed antenna. The shape of the cavity is uniquely determined by a transverse resonance resulting from the partial loading and the permittivity and/or permeability of the anisotropic material. The performance of the final design compares favorably both in realized gain and VSWR from 300 MHz–500 MHz to a benchmark case. The benchmark case has the same aperture dimensions, but a large profile (.275λ) due to the absence of the high index anisotropic material.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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