Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Human and Surrogate Response to Accelerative Loading: Final Report

Report No. ARL-SR-287
Authors: Christopher P. R. Hoppel, Scott Kukuck, Ravi Thyagarajan, Michael Tegtmeyer, Dan Nicolella, Sikhanda Satapathy, Wayne Chen, Mat Philippens, Barry Shender, Spyros Masouros, Sarah Hug...
Date/Pages: May 2014; 574 pages
Abstract: The Warrior Injury Assessment Manikin (WIAMan) Project Management Office in conjunction with the Blast Protection for Platforms and Personnel Institute hosted the Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Human and Surrogate Response to Accelerative Loading on January 7–9, 2014, at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. This workshop addressed the numerical analysis tools available to simulate and investigate human and human surrogate response to accelerative loading induced to vehicle occupants from blast, with emphasis on underbody blast. The workshop discussion focused on evaluating the maturity of current modeling and associated experimental efforts, establishing what can be done with current tools, and what additional research is needed to advance our understanding of predicting injuries under blast loading environment. There were two keynote presentations: Dr. Scott Wagner of the Walter Reed Spine Research Laboratory gave a presentation titled "A Clinical Overview of Wartime Spinal Injuries," and Mr. Michael Tegtmeyer and Dr. Warren Hardy gave a presentation titled "Experimental Simulation of the Under-body Blast Environment." Dr. Wagner's presentation provided insight into current efforts to repair Soldier spine injuries from accelerative loading events in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tegtmeyer and Hardy presented the research they have led under the WIAMan program to induce accelerative loading conditions to Hybrid 3 anthropomorphic test devices as well as cadaveric specimens. The following report documents the materials presented at the workshop, summarizes the discussion and major findings, and offers some recommendations that are suitable for guiding the future of research in this area.
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