Installation to Production of a Large-Scale General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) Cluster at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory: Thufir

Report No. ARL-TR-7085
Authors: Brian J. Henz; John Lazorisak; Jaroslaw Knap; Jason Livingston ; Dale R. Shires
Date/Pages: September 2014; 24 pages
Abstract: This report documents the installation, acceptance testing, vendor interactions, and final system acceptance for production usage of a dedicated high performance computing project investment that was installed at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory facilities on the Aberdeen Proving Ground in MD. The uniqueness of this system lies in the use of the low latency 10 GigE (gigabit Ethernet) network fabric, many-core AMD Opteron central processing units (CPUs), Nvidia Fermi graphics processing unties (GPUs), and a mixture of CPU-only and CPU/GPU nodes. The final accepted production system is stable and capable of nearly 1 PetaFLOPS (1012 floating-point operations per second) of single precision performance.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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