Considerations for the Design of a Multi-Color High-Speed X-Ray Computed Tomography Diagnostic

Report No. ARL-TR-6969
Authors: Michael B. Zellner, Gerard T. Chaney, Chester A. Benjamin, Ronald Cantrell, Robert W. Borys, Robin D. Strickland, Joshua M. Sturgill, James A. Perrella, Gerald L. Schafer, Corey E. Yonce
Date/Pages: June 2014; 26 pages
Abstract: This report describes the development and work progress of designing and building an improved radiographic computed tomographic technique that has the potential to provide material specificity of a three-dimensional spatial field, relatively quickly in time (on the order of <100 ns), with mm3 voxel resolution (a voxel is the three-dimensional equivalent of a pixel). This report details thoughts and work performed focusing on potential issues regarding: the robustness of a structural frame and components of the diagnostic; how to obtain accurate measurements of the x-ray flux verses energy output of the multiple x-ray sources, which is necessary to obtain material specificity; electrical grounding and shielding of the numerous pulse power sources; and collection of static data that can be used to prove the premise of material specificity in a nondynamic state. Conclusions are made suggesting possible paths forward for construction of a device that would have the potential to make measurements of dynamic events with high-impulse loadings.
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