Network Science Research Laboratory (NSRL) Discrete Event Toolkit

Report No. ARL-TR-7579
Authors: Theron Trout and Andrew J Toth
Date/Pages: January 2016; 18 pages
Abstract: Discrete event simulation (DES) enables the analysis of well-defined systems by evaluating the results of events acting upon the system. DES usually skips over timespans where no events occur to enable faster-than-real-time simulation. While this is a powerful and often needed capability, in the domain of real-time emulation, where the events need to be synchronized with other emulated and/or real components, time skipping is not feasible. This report describes a toolkit created by US Army Research Laboratory's (ARL) Network Science Research Laboratory (NSRL) for building a DES for injecting discrete events into real-time emulations in a controlled and reproducible manner. The resultant system, the NSRL Discrete Event Toolkit (NDET), has enabled high reproducibility of network emulations experiments for NSRL.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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