Computer Modeling of the Effects of Atmospheric Conditions on Sound Signatures

Report No. ARL-TR-7602
Authors: Sarah Wagner; Adrienne Raglin; John Noble
Date/Pages: February 2016; 32 pages
Abstract: The goals of the project were to analyze the effects of atmospheric conditions on sound propagation, create a filter to model effects under different conditions, and apply the filter to sound produced by unmanned aircraft systems or to any other propagating sound. The new sound files produced could be used in various simulations and provide a better understanding of atmospheric effects. First, the Scanning Fast Field Program was used to obtain decibel attenuations at different frequencies under various conditions. Second, those data were imported into MATLAB and used to construct a filter to attenuate a chosen sound file. Third, the graphic user interface (GUI) developed under this project allows the selection of various atmospheric and geometric conditions, the upload of a sound file, and then generates output of the modified sound. The GUI presents the graph of the filter and the changes in magnitude for the original and modified data. An added feature of the GUI allows the changes to the modified sound to be removed, restoring the original data. In the future, the GUI could be expanded to account for physical atmospheric effects on the microphone potentially improving the accuracy of the model.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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