Exploring Ultrafast Structural Dynamics for Energetic Enhancement or Disruption

Report No. ARL-TR-7613
Authors: Frank C De Lucia; Nhan C Dang; Jennifer L Gottfried
Date/Pages: March 2016; 20 pages
Abstract: A better understanding of the very early times during a detonation event has been difficult to obtain due to the rapid physical and chemical changes that are occurring under nonequilibrium conditions. Direct measurements of events leading up to a detonation are a challenge due to the extreme timescale (<100 ps) and highly dynamic environment. A more precise understanding of the excited states, energy flow processes, and chemical reactions at these time scales will lead to better predictive models and a more accurate theoretical treatment of energetic initiation. To explore this time scale we need to use ultrafast pump probe techniques to resolve the early time events of a detonation. We used 2 pump techniques, indirect laser heating and on-resonant optical pumping, to excite/perturb the energetic material to observe changes in the electronic and molecular structure with transient absorption and Raman probes, respectively. These techniques allowed us to monitor the temporal and molecular dynamics at time scales necessary to monitor early times of energetic events.
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