Consolidation of Fe-N Magnets Using Equal Channel Angular Extrusion

Report No. ARL-TR-7634
Authors: SG Sankar; LJ Kecskes
Date/Pages: March 2016; 30 pages
Abstract: We have conducted a series of Equal Channel Angular Extrusion experiments on an Fe16N2 magnetic phase material (containing 3 wt% Mn). Results showed the following: 1) Under the experimental conditions investigated thus far, the best density of the extruded specimens is about 75% of the X-ray bulk density. Extrusions at temperatures up to approximately 150 ℃ do not have any deteriorating effects on the magnetization values (i.e., compared to the precursor powder). However, extrusions at temperatures approximately 150 ℃ result in a small change in the intrinsic coercivity. 2) The best saturation induction obtained on the extruded specimen is approximately 12.5 kG. The potential to enhance these properties is very high with Fe16N2 powder, now available at Advanced Materials Corporation, using more optimized extrusion conditions. 3) Only a very limited set of extrusions were performed. As such, we believe that there are many more variables we need to examine to improve the density as well as potentially induce more favorable crystal and magnetic textures.
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