Space–Time Environmental Image Information for Scene Understanding

Report No. ARL-TR-7652
Authors: Arnold Tunick
Date/Pages: April 2016; 26 pages
Abstract: The interpretation of space- and time-varying environmental image information can pose serious challenges for rapid and robust scene understanding, particularly for problems of interest to the Army. Changing environmental conditions, such as illumination, precipitation, and vegetation, can obscure features, degrade object recognition, and modify saliency and image context. Current methods for scene understanding do not address elements of image information (and image context) affected by space- and time-changing environmental conditions, and as a result, important and meaningful features of the image data may be overlooked. In this report, we propose that it is important to incorporate space- and time-varying environmental image information from the very beginning of the data collection process so that the recorded images can be more effectively indexed and retrieved for operational use and analysis. This top-down approach not only provides a systematic characterization of the measured data for better scene description, but can also help the end user (Soldier) develop improved course of action strategies based on scene understanding (algorithms and analysis) incorporating battlefield environments changing in space and time.
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