Adhesives: Test Method, Group Assignment, and Categorization Guide for High-Loading- Rate Applications ? Preparation and Testing of Single Lap Joints (Ver. 2.2, Unlimited)

Report No. ARL-SR-0356
Authors: Robert Jensen; Daniel DeSchepper; David Flanagan; Gerard Chaney; Charles Pergantis
Date/Pages: April 2016; 66 pages
Abstract: This standard process description (SPD) provides the instructions needed in qualifying candidate adhesives for the screening tests specified in ARL-ADHES-QA-001.00, Sections 8.2 and 8.3. The single-lap-joint testing configuration relies upon a relatively small bond area between adherends, which can lead to high standard deviations in measured strengths. Geometrical misalignment and variations in bondline thickness are potential sources of inaccurate property measurements. Poor surface treatment of the adherends prior to bonding will increase the likelihood failure of testing following hot/wet conditioning as specified in ARL-ADHES-QA-001.00, Section 8.3. This SPD illustrates the techniques for the preparation and testing of adhesively bonded single lap joints. Supplemental drawings are illustrated for coupon and tooling fixture machining. Checklists are also provided to assist in documenting experimental metadata during fabrication, testing, and adhesive bondline thickness measurement.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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Last Update / Reviewed: April 1, 2016