Examining the Influence of Heartbeat on Expert Marksman Performance

Report No. ARL-TN-0754
Authors: Tommy Goris; Keith Brawner
Date/Pages: April 2016; 16 pages
Abstract: Marksmanship training in the US Army follows a process that all marksmen must learn, understand, and experience to improve their shot. This standard can be broken down into key factors over which a marksman has control and needs to develop to improve his or her marksmanship. For that reason, in this technical note we examine the role of the heartbeat as observed from expert marksmen. The influence of the heartbeat is categorized into 3 different areas: 1) if expert marksmen time the shot on a heartbeat, 2) if they fire between heartbeats, or 3) if they simply ignore their heartbeat during marksmanship. The data support that expert marksmen ignore their heartbeat when firing. Because of this evaluation of expert behavior, we determine the heartbeat to be a nonfactor in marksmanship training.
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Last Update / Reviewed: April 1, 2016