Tensile Characterization of Injection-Molded Fuzzy Glass Fiber/Nylon Composite Material

Report No. ARL-TR-7668
Authors: Michael A Minnicino; Christopher Goodeaux
Date/Pages: May 2016; 24 pages
Abstract: A carbon nanostructure (CNS) composed of highly branched and entangled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) is grown on a fiber surface and used as a carbon-enhanced reinforcement (CER) in a nylon matrix. A majority of the masterbatch CER material research is focused on electromagnetic shielding applications; however, the CER system, with the CNT network fixed to the host fiber, provides a novel approach of minimizing CNT agglomeration. Tensile specimens are injection molded with varying weight percentages of CER to evaluate effect of the reinforcement on the mechanical properties. Tension testing showed that the introduction of CNS increased the modulus and yield strength of the nanocomposite but reduced its fracture toughness.
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