Batch Computed Tomography Analysis of Projectiles

Report No. ARL-TR-7681
Authors: Michael C Golt; Chris M Peitsch; Matthew S Bratcher; Eric D Warner
Date/Pages: May 2016; 28 pages
Abstract: The use of cartridge projectiles in the ballistic evaluation of armor can result in measurement uncertainty if there is variability in their construction. This report details a method that was developed to batch analyze and compare the volumes of (210) BS41 surrogate projectiles that were scanned using X-ray computed tomography. The method described automatically segments and obtains the axial-symmetric radii profiles of components contained within the projectile (outer jacket, inner jacket, core), which can then be used to quantify and compare projectiles to one another numerically using a root-mean-square-error calculation. Projectiles are then grouped together according to the similarity of their components. Also discussed is graphical-cluster analysis of the projectiles, which aids in understanding the source of their variability as well as an approach to use this methodâ??s numerical component values to account for projectile variability in the ballistic evaluation of armor.
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