Incorporation and Effects of Nanoparticles in a Supramolecular Polymer

Report No. ARL-TR-7687
Authors: Alice M Savage; Robert H Lambeth; Frederick L Beyer
Date/Pages: May 2016; 28 pages
Abstract: Supramolecular polymers provide potential innovative applications in coatings, adhesives, fuel cells, and biosensors due to retention of physical and mechanical properties with increased processability, self-healing, and stimuli responsiveness. Incorporating a nanoscale filler into the supramolecular polymer can improve the physical and mechanical properties and application window while still maintaining processability and stimuli responsiveness. This project primarily focuses on the design, synthesis, and morphological characterization of a series of supramolecular nanocomposite films with unfunctionalized and functionalized gold nanoparticles. Morphological effects of different nanoparticle loadings are investigated using small-angle X-ray scattering and transmission electron microscopy.
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