Energy Harvesting from Energetic Porous Silicon

Report No. ARL-TR-7719
Authors: Louis B Levine; Matthew H Ervin; Wayne A Churaman
Date/Pages: July 2016; 16 pages
Abstract: Porous silicon (PSi) has a high chemical energy, which has the potential to be converted to mechanical energy very quickly through ignition. Here we investigate a means to convert this mechanical energy to electrical energy via a piezoelectric cantilever and rectifying circuit. This current could be used to power sensors, devices, or store charge, and this type of system could be useful in ignition systems for munitions. The efficiency of this system is critical to realizing the potential for PSi as a one-time electrical energy source. A mechanical to electrical efficiency of 4.1% was achieved, but the chemical to electrical efficiency was much less than 1%.
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