Gesture-Based Controls for Robots: Overview and Implications for Use by Soldiers

Report No. ARL-TR-7715
Authors: Linda R Elliott; Susan G Hill; Michael Barnes
Date/Pages: July 2016; 70 pages
Abstract: This report provides an overview of gestural controls of robots in general, followed by a discussion of issues more specific to control of military ground robots by dismounted Soldiers. For the field of gestural controls, the technological progress is rapid and distributed among many different approaches, and the number of relevant publications is huge. A review of literature is provided, focused on 2 types of technological approach: camera-based and wearable instrumented devices. Handheld devices are also discussed in terms of augmenting gesture precision (i.e., pointing gestures). Attention is given to issues related to relative advantages of each approach for effective recognition and parsing of gestures, particularly in terms of their relevance to dismounted Soldier systems. Human-factors issues regarding the interaction of Soldiers and technology and effective design of user interfaces and controls are fundamental to successful use. This report identifies the major issues regarding applications to dismounted military operations.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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Last Update / Reviewed: July 1, 2016