The Examination of the Aluminum Alloy 7017 as a Replacement for the Aluminum Alloy 7039 in Lightweight Armor Systems

Report No. ARL-TR-7727
Authors: Tyrone L Jones; Brian E Placzankis
Date/Pages: July 2016; 76 pages
Abstract: The aluminum alloy (AA) 7039 has been recognized as a serviceable armor plate alloy for years. However, the inherent stress corrosion cracking susceptibility of AA7039 has led to a need for a replacement. AA7017 (aluminum-zinc-magnesium) was created as a slightly stronger and more corrosion-resistant version of AA7039 for use in ground vehicle applications. Ballistic impact experiments evaluated the plate's ability to resist penetration under high-strain-rate loading. These experiments provide a gauge of penetration resistance for aluminum used in ground vehicle applications. This report focused on the dynamic investigation of 12.7- through 101.6-mm (0.5- through 4.0-inch)-thick plates, assessment of the penetration resistance, and the selection of a penetrative baseline for potential future 7000 series aluminum alloys.
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