Sensitivity Analysis and Simulation of Theoretical Response of Ceramics to Strong Magnetic Fields

Report No. ARL-TN-0774
Authors: Carli A Moorehead; Michael M Kornecki; Victoria L Blair; Raymond E Brennan
Date/Pages: September 2016; 24 pages
Abstract: Equations governing the response of materials to an applied magnetic field can be derived from first principles. Using the derived equations, computer models (MATLAB) were designed to investigate and predict the response of specific materials and experimental conditions to applied magnetic fields. Using the generated computer models, the time required for alignment is predicted to be 35–55 s for epoxy and gel-casting suspensions at relatively low (1.8 T) applied magnetic fields. This corresponds well to preliminary experimental results. Additionally, the sensitivity of magnetic response to process variables, such as variations in applied magnetic field and suspension viscosity, is assessed. Results indicate that changes in the applied magnetic field strength are most effective for improving alignment and could be the source of experimental variation if the consistency of the applied field is not carefully controlled.
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