Modern Topics in Energy and Power Technical Meeting

Report No. ARL-SR-0358
Authors: Tsvetanka Zheleva; Edward Shaffer; Dennis Bushnell; Nino Pereira
Date/Pages: August 2016; 74 pages
Abstract: This report summarizes the information exchange at the Modern Topics in Energy and Power Technical Meeting hosted by the Energy and Power Division at the US Army Research Laboratory and held at the Adelphi Laboratory Center, Adelphi, Maryland, 14–16 July 2015. The meeting's 8 sessions focused on energy conversion technologies, energy and power for directed energy, high-energy-density materials, plasma and nuclear physics, low-energy nuclear reactions, novel compact power sources, quantum vacuum energy, and information-energy parallels, with presentations from subject matter specialists as well as scientists and managers from the Army, academic institutions, national laboratories, and other US Department of Defense and Department of Energy activities. The meeting's intent was in part to provide current perspectives to the Army science and technology community on selected energy and power technology–related topics that have recently attracted attention.
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Last Update / Reviewed: August 1, 2016