Experimental Determination of Physical Properties of DNGU, TNBA, LLM-105, HK-56, and DNP

Report No. ARL-TN-0788
Authors: Rose A Pesce-Rodriguez and Lauren B Blaudeau
Date/Pages: September 2016; 26 pages
Abstract: Chemical analysis of 5 energetic materials—1,4-dinitroglycloluril (DNGU or DINGU), 2,4,6-trinitro-3-bromoanisole (TNBA), diamino-3,5-dinitropyrazine-1-oxide (LLM-105 or ANPZO), 2,5,7-trinitro-2,5,7,9-tetraazabicyclo [4.3.0]nonane-8-one (HK-56), and 3,4-dinitropyrazole (DNP)—was performed. Results for the following are reported: octanol/water partition coefficient (Kow); soil sorption constant (Koc); water solubility; vapor pressure; heat of vaporization; Raman, Fourier transform IR, and UV spectra; differential scanning calorimetry; and thermogravimetric analysis traces. The hydrolysis half-life time for DNGU is also reported.
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