Three-Dimensional Sensor Common Operating Picture (3-D Sensor COP)

Report No. ARL-TR-7922
Authors: Damon M Conover and John F Dammann, Jr
Date/Pages: January 2017; 20 pages
Abstract: Fusion3D is a software application for stereoscopic visualization of 3-D terrain data. It uses a 3-D display, 3-D glasses, and a 3-D mouse to quickly view province-sized 3-D maps in stereo. It includes many features intended to provide users with improved situational awareness and aid in mission planning; however, recently, in an attempt to further improve situational awareness, it was modified to overlay real-time data onto the 3-D terrain data. The modifications consisted of monitoring a network of sensors; retrieving the positions, status, and data associated with each sensor; and then displaying that information in real time on a 3-D map. We are calling the result a 3-D Sensor Common Operating Picture (3-D Sensor COP). To test the 3-D Sensor COP, we took advantage of a sensor network that had been deployed for the Enterprise Challenge 2016 at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona. The sensor network consisted of approximately 30 US and Canadian sensors of various types (proximity, acoustic, visible/IR cameras), distributed on the ground across a test range, and an airborne sensor that transmitted the positions of moving objects on the test range down to a ground station.
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