Development of an Anatomically Accurate Finite Element Human Ocular Globe Model for Blast-Related Fluid-Structure Interaction Studies

Report No. ARL-TR-7945
Authors: Kimberly A Thompson; Rajneesh Bhardwaj;Thao D Nguyen
Date/Pages: February 2017; 34 pages
Abstract: In this report, we outline the development of an anatomically accurate, 3-D finite element model of the human eye for use in fluid-structure interaction studies to assess blast-loading effects on the Soldier. The model includes all main intraocular components: the corneo-scleral tissue shell, the lens, the zonule fibers and the ciliary body, the retina, the choroid, a detailed model of the optic nerve head), and the surrounding orbital/tissue complex. The intraocular fluid (anterior aqueous and posterior vitreous) is also included for means of fluid-structure interaction assessment.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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