Computational Investigation of a Pitch-Oscillating Canard on Lift Enhancement and Tip Vortex Mitigation

Report No. ARL-TR-7995
Authors: Joseph D Vasile
Date/Pages: April 2017; 42 pages
Abstract: A 2-D National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) 0012 airfoil and 3-D NACA 0015 canard undergoing a dynamic ramp pitch-oscillating motion were investigated computationally. The effect of amplitude and reduced frequency on augmenting lift for both configurations was considered. The study showed lift enhancement for both configurations at M∞ = 0.5 and M∞ = 0.2 for all amplitudes and reduced frequencies at angles of attack poststall. Furthermore, the effect of the dynamic motion on the development of the tip vortex was explored. The time-averaged flow solution for the pitch-oscillating canard revealed lower vorticity magnitude and less coherence of the tip vortex downstream. For the parameters investigated, increasing the amplitude of the oscillation proved to be the most effective in enhancing lift as well as reducing the strength of the tip vortex. The encouraging results indicate that further research in unsteady aerodynamics to increase the control authority of canard-controlled projectiles is necessary.
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