Quasi-Static and Dynamic Characterization of Equal Channel Angular Extrusion (ECAE) – Processed and Rolled AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Sheet

Report No. ARL-TR-8006
Authors: Laszlo J Kecskes; Vincent H Hammond; Michael Eichhorst; Lothar Meyer; Norman Herzig
Date/Pages: April 2017; 58 pages
Abstract: Previously, we developed a rolling schedule for Equal Channel Angular Extruded (ECAE) AZ31 magnesium (Mg) alloy plate material. Herein, we compare the room temperature quasi-static and dynamic mechanical properties of the as-ECAE processed plates (with textures A and C) to the subsequently rolled sheet material. Further, our investigation compares the batch-to-batch variation of 2 different lots of texture C plate material. Earlier results have shown that the plate material (especially texture A) exhibits anisotropic mechanical properties in the transverse and longitudinal directions. While to a large extent the initial ECAE process-induced banded microstructure is preserved after rolling, the property difference between the 2 directions is minimized. Closer examination of the sheet materials reveals a highly aligned microstructure along the rolling direction, consisting of fine sub-10-μm-sized Mg grains. Under dynamic loading conditions, both texture type sheet materials exhibit higher strengths, but lower ductility than at quasi-static testing conditions. The texture A sample was more ductile at the higher rates and yielded more consistent results than those obtained from the texture C sample.
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