Support for Training Effectiveness Assessment and Data Interoperability (STEADI)

Report No. ARL-MR-0952
Authors: Ashley Medford, Gabriel Diaz, Jennifer Murphy, and Gregory Goodwin
Date/Pages: May 2017; 34 pages
Abstract: A recent report by the Government Accountability Office found that neither the Army nor the Marine Corps sufficiently assesses the effectiveness of its simulation training systems. To ensure the Army receives the best value for its investment, training effectiveness assessment (TEA) should be a priority for each training system the Army fields. Recent efforts from the US Army Research Laboratory on Interoperable Performance Assessment (IPA) for individuals and teams have made advances on defining and persisting human performance data. IPA has concentrated on leveraging the work on the Experience application programming interface (xAPI) to produce data with intersystem data value. The Support for Training Effectiveness Assessment and Data Interoperability (STEADI) effort conducted the foundational research needed to provide guidance for how to develop effective metrics for TEA, how to represent those measures in xAPI format, how to design and develop an architecture to support the management and persistence of those measures, and an interface so that instructors can easily access the data in meaningful ways. STEADI resulted in the development and preliminary validation of marksmanship measures for TEA, an xAPI Registry with those measures, and the design of an architecture to support their management.
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