Initial Screening of Environmentally Sustainable Surface Pretreatments for Adhesive Bonding Applications

Report No. ARL-TR-8014
Authors: Miriam S Silton; David P Flanagan; Daniel C DeSchepper; Robert E Jensen
Date/Pages: May 2017; 76 pages
Abstract: A methacrylate adhesive marketed for high-temperature applications was screened in combination with environmentally sustainable TT-C-490F surface pretreatments. Testing consisted of single-lap-joint testing using aluminum and steel specimens at room temperature along with hot/wet (H/W) conditioning (water immersion for 14 d at 63 °C) and in-situ at elevated temperature (ET) (71 °C). The methacrylate adhesive showed high initial bond strength and H/W durability but significant loss of strength retention at ET. The environmentally sustainable TT-C-490F Type IV inorganic pretreatments resulted in little to no loss of adhesive bond strength during H/W conditioning and their potential use as bonding pretreatments is worth further investigation.
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Last Update / Reviewed: May 1, 2017