Compression-after-Impact and Bend Fatigue Results of Glass/Epoxy Composites with Compliant Interlayer and Needling Interlaminar Enhancements

Report No. ARL-TR-8022
Authors: Robert A Haynes; Steven E Boyd; Bradley D Lawrence
Date/Pages: May 2017; 32 pages
Abstract: In this work, we tested 2-D and 3-D woven S2-glass/SC-15 epoxy composite laminates with compliant interlayer and needling interlaminar enhancements for single impact performance, compression-after-impact strength, and bend and shear fatigue life. The interlaminar enhancements decreased the strength and stiffness of the material but improved the durability. Needling had a larger improvement in compression-after-impact strength than the compliant interlayer, while the compliant interlayer had a larger improvement in stress-versus-fatigue-life slope than the needling.
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