Study of the Bistatic Radar Cross Section of a 155-mm Artillery Round

Report No. ARL-TR-8045
Authors: Christopher Kenyon and Traian Dogaru
Date/Pages: June 2017; 28 pages
Abstract: This report investigates the bistatic radar signature of a 155-mm artillery round in 4 radar frequency bands, L, S, C, and X, using computer models. The radar cross section (RCS) calculations are performed by 2 different methods, implemented by the FEKO and AFDTD electromagnetic simulation software packages, over all the possible aspect angles. The solutions obtained by the 2 methods are compared for accuracy validation, showing excellent agreement between the 2. We also include a discussion of the RCS results, which underscores the complexity of bistatic radar scattering phenomenology. Particular emphasis is given to the forward and specular scattering directions, which display much larger target signatures than other geometries, including that of a monostatic radar system.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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