Experimental Flight Characterization of Spin-Stabilized Projectiles at High Angle of Attack

Report No. ARL-TR-8082
Authors: Frank Fresconi and Ilmars Celmins
Date/Pages: August 2017; 36 pages
Abstract: The goal of this study was to better understand the flight of spin-stabilized projectiles at high angle of attack for improved delivery accuracy of indirect fires. Experiments successfully captured flight motions over 40° angle of attack around Mach 0.8 using advanced spark range techniques. Flight analysis validated analytical expressions, kinematics, and dynamics with mass asymmetries, aerodynamic modeling, and parameter estimation algorithms. Significant nonlinearities in angle of attack were quantified in the axial force and Magnus moment with more-linear behavior found in the normal force and pitching moment. Stability analysis indicated that this vehicle does not fly below 3° angle of attack and likely suffers instabilities around 3° angle of attack. These results ultimately improve impact point prediction for applications such as high-arcing, spin-stabilized munitions.
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