Detection of Metallic and Electronic Radar Targets by Acoustic Modulation of Electromagnetic Waves

Report No. ARL-TR-8076
Authors: Gregory J Mazzaro; Andrew J Sherbondy; Matthew R Judy; Kyle A Gallagher
Date/Pages: July 2017; 26 pages
Abstract: Acoustic-electromagnetic (EM) interaction is evaluated for metallic and electronic target detection. The transmitter consists of a radar-wave generator emitting a single EM frequency and an acoustic-wave generator emitting a single acoustic frequency. The EM wave and the acoustic wave interact at the target. The target reradiates a new EM wave, which consists of the original EM wave modulated by the acoustic wave. This reradiated wave is captured by the radarĂ¢??s receive antenna. The presence of measurable EM energy at any discrete multiple of the audio frequency away from the original radio-frequency (RF) carrier indicates target detection. Proof-of-concept detection is demonstrated for purely metallic and RF electronic targets within the near field of an ultra-wideband radar antenna operating in the ultra-high frequency band.
Distribution: Approved for public release
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