Multiflash X-ray with Image Detanglement for Single Image Isolation

Report No. ARL-TR-8115
Authors: Willard Casey Uhlig
Date/Pages: August 2017; 22 pages
Abstract: A new capability was conceived and developed to capture multiple flash X-rays on a single film or phosphor screen and digitally detangle the resulting image into separate images for each individual flash. This is accomplished via the use of multiple flash X-ray heads geometrically placed with respect to a shadow mask in close proximity to the detection screen. The small holes in the shadow mask only allow X-rays from each head to pass through along a unique trajectory to specific pixels of the screen based on the placement of the head, mask, and screen. Thus, the location of the pixels associated with each flash are known and separated into individual images. A proof-of-principle study was performed using 4 X-ray flashes and copper masks with sub-millimeter holes that allowed development of the required image-analysis algorithms. While using the method with 4 flashes decreased the image resolution by half and reduced the number of photons striking the phosphor screen to one-quarter, 4 images were successfully detangled without any flash-to-flash overlap in the images.
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