Plasmonic and Magnetically Responsive Gold Shell–Magnetic Nanorod Hybrids

Report No. ARL-TR-8182
Authors: Mackenzie G Williams, Devon A Boyne, Ngon Tran, Andres A Bujanda, and Mark H Griep
Date/Pages: October 2017; 26 pages
Abstract: In this work we demonstrated a new methodology to create asymmetric magnetic nanorods with a plasmonically active gold outer shell. The multistage approach involves the synthesis of a precursor iron (III) oxide-hydroxide (FeOOH) nanorod, where the incorporation of a protective silica (SiO2) shell allows for the material/morphology to survive hydrothermal treatment and subsequent transition to magnetically responsive iron (II, III) oxide (Fe3O4). On the magnetic nanorod–SiO2 particle, a thin gold layer is grown to directly introduce tailorable plasmonic properties. This approach is demonstrated applicable to both spherical and asymmetric morphologies, allowing the hybrid materials to be readily engineered for precise magnetic and plasmonic responses.
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