Atmospheric Renewable Energy Research, Volume 4: Atmospheric Renewable Energy Field Study #2 (ARE2)

Report No. ARL-TR-8198
Authors: Gail Vaucher, Jenna Forrester, Michael Curtice, Renea Young, Clayton Walker, and Sean D'Arcy
Date/Pages: October 2017; 30 pages
Abstract: Harvesting energy from local resources (such as the sunlight) and integrating these into traditional microgrids is one way to establish tactical power grid independence. Traditional generators have an optimum setting for maximizing fuel economy. Coupling these generators with solar power requires anticipating and exploiting ideal atmospheric contributions that best match the traditional generator's optimum operating requirements. This ideal was the goal behind the Atmospheric Renewable Energy Field Study #2 (ARE2). ARE2 has produced a novel and detailed power, solar radiation, and cloud/sky documentation data set. The potential services provided by the data set range from basic research seeking to investigate improved understanding of cloud impacts on solar radiation to practical research applications that seek to develop algorithms to empower diagnostic and predictive solar radiation tools tailored specifically for grid power production. This report was written to establish a common starting point for those seeking to use and exploit this data set.
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