2015 Army Science Planning and Strategy Meeting Series: Outcomes and Conclusions

Report No. ARL-SR-0390
Authors: Joseph Mait; Dawanne Poree; John Prater; Peter Reynolds; David Stepp; Bruce J West; Alex Kott; Ananthram Swami; Arwen H DeCostanza; Piotr J Franaszczuk; Kaleb McDowell; Brett Piekarski
Date/Pages: December 2017; 90 pages
Abstract: Under the direction of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology [ASA(ALT)], the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) hosted a series of meetings November 2015–January 2016 to develop a strategic vision for Army Science. Meeting topics were vetted through the ARL Director and approved by the ASA(ALT). Their selection was based on their potential to dramatically impact military capabilities in the long term. This report is a summary of those meetings and their outcomes. The 6 topics selected were the Internet of Battlefield Things, Cyber Fog, Individualizing Technology for Effective Teaming, Distributed and Collaborative Intelligent Systems, Microscale Adaptability, and Expeditionary On-Demand Manufacturing. These 6 areas are conveniently thought of in terms of 3 broader thrusts—Cyber, Human, and Materials Sciences—which map onto 3 three domains of conflict: Virtual, Human, and Physical. Questions considered at these meetings included, "Within this technical area, what capability can it deliver to the military 25 years from now? What technical hurdles exist that limit our ability to realize this capability? What research does the Army need to support now to overcome these hurdles and enable the desired capability?"
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