The Mechanical Behavior of AZ31B in Compression Not Aligned with the Basal Texture

Report No. ARL-RP-0622
Authors: Christopher S Meredith
Date/Pages: February 2018; 8 pages
Abstract: The large anisotropy of Mg alloys is well established. Foley et al. (2011) utilized ECAP to produce AZ31B with a refined grain size but with the c-axis texture rotated 37° with respect to one of the processing directions. In this study we compressively loaded AZ31B such that the off-axis loading directions were the same as Foley et al. The coarse-grained samples showed "apparent" isotropic yield behavior but differing work hardening behaviors. The samples had large distortions and developed a diffuse shear band due to the plastic anisotropy, which was exacerbated by basal slip.
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