In2uence of Test Section Geometry on the Blast Environment in an Explosively Driven Conical Shock Tube

Report No. ARL-TR-8335
Authors: Joel B Stewart
Date/Pages: March 2018; 34 pages
Abstract: This report details experimental data gathered on incident overpressures and the corresponding impulses obtained in the test section of an explosively driven 10° (full angle) conical shock tube. Due to the shock tube's steel walls approximating the boundary conditions seen by a spherical sector cut out of a detonating sphere of energetic material, a 5.3-g pentolite shock tube driver charge produces peak overpressures corresponding to a free-field detonation from an 816-g sphere of pentolite. The 4 test section geometries investigated in this report (open air, cylindrical, 10° inscribed square frustum, and 10° circumscribed square frustum) provide a variety of different time histories for the incident overpressures and impulses, with a circumscribed square frustum yielding the best approximation of the mid-field blast environment produced by a free-field detonation.
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