National Ceramics journal traces ARL's "materials by design" approach from inception

March 07, 2013

Story Highlights

  • Major ceramic magazine spotlights multi-scale material research
  • ARL's progress in material design, computational sciences advance 'material by design'
  • Senior scientist explains ARL's expertise in March issue of American Ceramic Society Bulletin

A tome in the March 2013 edition of the American Ceramics Society Bulletin spotlights ARL's Enterprise for Multi-scale Research of Materials, an initiative began in 1997 that formally launched last spring.

It was in 1997 that ARL Fellow and Senior Scientist Dr. James McCauley began pursuing a then-radical approach to armor design, suggesting that engineers break from the tradition of selecting materials to build combat systems but instead, design materials for a specific combat application or purpose.

The article references a move by the Department of Defense to establish a defense initiative for protection materials by design with associated funding lines for basic and applied research. This initiative was to include a combination of computational, experimental and materials testing, characterization, and processing research conducted by government, industry, and academia.

But in the late 1990s, computational science was unable to support the vision of the budding new area of research, especially in terms of the complexity of stress-high-strain-rate situations. To achieve that, ARL initiated its transformational materials science and engineering program, the "Enterprise for Multiscale Research in Materials."

Today, ARL has invested nearly $120 million into this focused, long term basic research program, which includes a Collaborative Research Alliance in Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments, an extreme dynamic environment assumes strain rates of up to 106 and pressures up to 50 GPa, and a CRA in Multiscale Modeling of Electronic Materials both initiated in April 2012 and fully integrated with crosscutting ARL internal research programs to implement the materials by design approach.

The vision of the ARL enterprise is to use the materials by design approach and validated multi-scale and multidisciplinary modeling capability to apriori predict material structure, properties, and performance for both armor materials and electronic materials of strategic interest to the Army.

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