Urciuoli awarded with 2012 RDA award

July 22, 2013

Damian Urciuoli, an electronics engineer in the U.S. Army Research Laboratory's Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate, was recently recognized by the Department of the Army with a 2012 Army Research and Development Achievement (RDA) Award for his technology entitled "High-Speed, Scalable, Bidirectional Solid-State Circuit Breaker Development."

Urciuoli briefly described the underlying concept of his technology as "a solid-state circuit breaker that uses semiconductor switches." Urciuoli added, "It is unique in comparison to others because it's bidirectional; instead of blocking voltage in only one direction it blocks in both, therefore, mimicking the function of mechanical circuit breakers."

Urciuoli believes this technology will impact "ground vehicle systems, specifically hybrid electric vehicles and distributed energy systems." He specified that it is the "technology that will protect and improve the reliability and operating life of vehicle and distributed energy systems."

Although this technology is currently not being mass produced, Urciuoli believes that in the future it will be, therefore, allowing application to both the civilian as well as the military sector.

"Winning this award is an honor and further inspiration to continue to develop new technologies that benefit the Army," added Urciuoli.

Urciuoli has also been recognized for his work in developing safety procedures and interlock circuitry for ARL electrical test beds. In addition to his continuing work on solid-state circuit breakers, he's currently conducting research in the areas of DC-DC power conversion and high-temperature electronics.


Last Update / Reviewed: July 22, 2013