Getting to know Staff Sgt. David Hoisington

May 21, 2015

By Joyce M. Conant, ARL Public Affairs

Story Highlights

  • RDECOM Staff Sgt. David Hoisington was recently assigned as an enlisted advisor to ARL's Human Research and Engineering Directorate at the CECOM field element and is expected to hold this position until June 2017
  • Staff Sgt. Hoisington is the Master Resiliency Coordinator for RDECOM and ARL
  • Enlisted advisor to HRED hopes to provide insights that have a lasting impact at the highest and lowest levels

Staff Sgt. David Hoisington from the U.S. Army Research Development and Engineering Command was recently assigned as an enlisted advisor to the U.S. Army Research Laboratory's Human Research and Engineering Directorate at the Communications-Electronics Command field element and is expected to hold this position until June 2017.

"Within the CECOM field element, I will assist wherever I can," said Hoisington. "If there is a project going on where they need user evaluations – and because I have experience with a large number of intelligence platforms – I'll be able to provide that information back to them. Basically, if there is something that is happening, I'll provide the insights I have gained as a Soldier using their systems, and of the objective observer when needed. I am here to support all of HRED."

Hoisington thought he had his career path figured out and joining the Army wasn't part of his original plan.

"My Dad and his brothers served in the Army for a few years after being drafted during the Vietnam War and my grandfather served in the Army – so it goes back a ways. Growing up, I did not intend to join the Army. I wanted to serve as a public servant for a 'three letter agency' one day," said Hoisington. "When I looked into the different jobs I thought I would be interested in, there were several things that jumped out to me as I something I could accomplish prior to getting that dream job by serving in the Army. It just made sense to me."

Hoisington didn't expect to join the military as soon as he did, but is grateful for the many opportunities.

"Some things I wanted to accomplish and have met included living overseas for two years, serving in a combat zone, and be formally trained in an intelligence field," said Hoisington. "With that being said, when I planned out my life, I did not plan to join the Army when I did. I was a student at Abilene Christian University where I was taking more than the traditional 12-hours each semester. Then, my sister who was closest in age to me passed away. Because of this, I lost my ability to concentrate on classes and I guess I needed a preverbal boot in in my backside to get back on track! That is what spurred me to join when I did."

Prior to coming to Aberdeen Proving Ground, Hoisington was stationed in Wiesbaden Germany for about seven years. He had three assignments on the same post to include the Division Special Troops Battalion, 1st Armored Division; Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 66th Military Intelligence Brigade; and C Company, 1st Military Intelligence Battalion.

Hoisington is the Master Resiliency Coordinator for RDECOM and ARL and sits on the wellness committee. He is also a member of RDECOM's Color Guard and recently competed in the noncommissioned officer of the year competition.

When asked what he hopes to accomplish at ARL, Hoisington said, "My goals while I am at HRED are varied. Personally, I hope to learn something new, and improve myself. On a professional level, I hope to provide insights that have a lasting impact at the highest and lowest levels. How this is accomplished that is ultimately up to those who engage with me, but I will do my best with everyone I work with."

Outside of work, Hoisington said he loves to do several things.

"Number one is whatever makes my wife happy, followed by training in mixed martial arts, shooting pool, hiking, camping and running. I am going to University of Maryland University College for a double major in psychology and cyber security, and that is always keeping me busy as well," said Hoisington. "It drives my wife crazy though, because I am always trying to get the latest technology at home to play with, break and hopefully fix."

Hoisington is quite proud of his wife's accomplishments too.

"My wife has done quite a lot as well. She has had the same deployments and responsibilities that I have had, except she got out after the sanctuary operations portion and started school. She finished her Bachelor's in History and Anthropology with a 3.92 grade point average in only two years, and was accepted to all three graduate schools that she applied to. She has selected Durham (a.k.a. Hogwarts if you're a Harry Potter fan) in the United Kingdom," said Hoisington. "She will be studying near eastern archaeology and has participated for two years in the National Geographic Dig at Tel Timai in the Egyptian Delta region."


Last Update / Reviewed: May 21, 2015