ARL Participates in S&T Showcase

September 28, 2009

ARL Participates in S&T Showcase

The Army Research Laboratory ((ARL) promoted its advances in technology at the Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) Science and Technology Showcase in June at the Harford Community College in Bel Air, Md.

As part of a larger Research Development and Engineering Command exhibit, ARL participated in the two-day event that brought together local industry contractors to understand what kind of opportunities APG has to offer.

"There have been a lot of inquiries about what we do and how they (companies) can collaborate with us," said Tyrone Jones, a WMRD researcher who presented advances in ceramics materials to the attendees.

The Vehicle Technology Directorate exhibited its unmanned autonomous systems, which interested attendee Edgar Reed, who is involved in the UAV business.

"I'm interested in aviation and what they're doing at ARL and Huntsville," he said after a long discussion with representatives at the ARL booth loaded with UAV prototypes.

"I'm getting an understanding where it fits in the organization," said Reed. "And, I'm looking at the toys."

Industry and government experts also gave presentations to attendees.

As one of the key speakers, ARL Director John Miller gave information about the cutting-edge research being done at APG and encouraged industry professionals to connect to the organization.

Vincent Natelli, owner of Stone Ridge Technology in Bel Air, was at the showcase to find out how his advanced computing business could offer its services to the post's organizations. After hearing Miller's talk, he made his way to the ARL booth to talk about getting points of contacts and learn more about the research.

"(The Showcase) is a place to bring everyone together," said Natelli. "When you bring capabilities and needs together, something's bound to happen."


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